The feature of food

At Plant’d we design and build the food of the future brought into your neighbourhood. We are committed to growing greeneries with zero nasty ingredients ready to be picked from the supermarket or to be tasted already cooked from your restaurant of choice.


Pest-free, no nastiness

‘’Always wash your veggies before eating them’’. With Plant’d you don’t need to worry about pests or any harmful bacteria, although freshly washed should be the way.

Easily accesible

Grown right in your neighborhood. Our two best allies are technology and your local supermarket or restaurant. The first one helped us build and design these fully automated urban farms, while the latter made it easier for our free, green leaves to be within your reach.

Rich taste, delighted taste buds

Thanks to the seeds expert we partnered with, our plants are rich in taste, flavor and packed with so much needed nutrients. The not-so-secret recipe? They are fed with an organic, much-needed mix on nutrients either through the watering system or before being planted.

Tech-enabled local farms

Our vertical farms are connected to the internet, packed with a full hand of sensors (light, watering system, humidity). Although this cloud-based device enables us to grow plants faster, more fresh and in a controlled environment, this is only a tool that takes us to our real goal: to improve the lives of urban people through rich in nutrients and sustainable food, mindful to the Planet.

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