Back to the roots

Plant’d started out of a healthy frustration: coming from small cities, but moving to larger ones we sadly realized that we’re disconnected from the food we eat. We barely know how it got from point zero to our plates. How it affects our Planet. We wanted to choose more consciously, to become aware of our choices, to make it better for others. That’s why Plant’d is first and foremost a company of humans for humans, not only a tech company. Technology only works for us to improve the lives of local communities.

We’re a small, dedicated team of engineers, business developers and marketers, all brought together by the same purpose: to connect our Planet with its people through food that brings more taste to our meals, richer nutrients to our bodies and less mess for this Earth.

Technology for good

Did you ever pause for a short while to ponder on all the food waste we’re producing as humans? What about the packing waste created by brands? We live in a future-forward world with access to the latest technologies, but paradoxically, by now we did not manage to solve basic problems such as those above mentioned.

As much as we love technology, our purpose is to stay human-oriented before being tech driven. What does it mean? In our process of building this product, we’re constantly working on finding a fine balance between the amount of materials used and the drawn results. We must confess we did not find the Holy Grail yet, but we’ve got way further in our journey of becoming more sustainable.

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A promise to the future

Besides using technology in the benefit of local communities, at Plant’d we’re also committed to making this place called Earth a little more breathable and treat it in a responsible way on an individual level, but also on a larger scale. More specifically, from the bio-degradable pots we use, the pest-free approach, we’re constantly working on using as few resources as possible, while maximizing the results. Tech-enabled devices require a lot of items, wasted energy. We prototyped a lot before coming with this final result and we’re still learning. As Planet’s resources are running low, everyone’s priority should be to use them in the most conscious and responsible way. We’re all in this. Compared to traditional farming, we’re using less water by recirculating it 2-3 times, we reduced the carbon footprint since the plants are growing right in your neighbourhood, without the need for transportation. In six months, we will even take a step forward; A part of our produce will be delivered not on electric scooters (yet), but by bike.