Urban farming done smart

Our products were designed to respond to horeca and retail industry needs: more fresh plants and a longer shelf life. Microsera One is addressing any restaurant  who wants the real taste and freshness of aromatic plants for a delicious pesto for example or for richer culinary experiences for people just like you. On the retail side, the Plus model are meant to serve larger communities, people like you who want to get creative in their own kitchen.

Potential benefits

Sustainable Design

Design-wise, Plant’d products were conceived on two pillars: being both functional and esthetically pleasing. The functional side serves for a device that[‘s 100% production-oriented: the stacking layers generate more plants using a smaller space. By placing our growing units in already controlled environments (supermarkets, restaurants), the resource investment is lower as we share it with the hosting space. Esthetically speaking, the product makes it easy to see in real-time how the plants are growing due to its glass sides.


Our promise: no headaches, easy to use. All you have to do is to place the pots and collect the final products.

Smart & connected

The device sends real-time data about the plants and their growing parameters. Due to its internet-connected feature, we can immediately identify errors and work on debugging them. Our plan for the foreseeing future is to use all this data to predict trends and send customized proposals.

How are they different?

MIcroSera One

Can grow between 360 and 720 plants per month depending on layers (2 to 4)
Dedicated to chefs, small retailers (shop & go)
Customizable with 2,3 and 4 layers; basic comes in black and white
Can fit next to your bar / next to the tables
You will find more micro greens (up to 90%)

Microsera Plus

Grows between 300 and 700 pots/ m2 (here we talk about meter square)
Retails, cash & carry
It is built on your needs/ can be bought on demand per meter square
You can find it next to the veggies section
A fine balance between microgreens and aromatic herbs (50/50)

What are we growing?


Pesto, in a cocktail, on your mozzarella for an appetizer? This versatile plant seduces with its rich taste.


On your French roasted potatoes, in soups or to give your sauce a twist? Thyme never disappoints, never leaves your final dish taste boring.


Baby plants, spices on your salad.